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Identity Development

Challenges related to identity development are often associated with low self-esteem and self-doubt, lack of purpose or meaning, and a sense of confusion regarding questions around who we are and how we should be in the world.  There are also various stages of identity development associated with race, gender, sexual orientation, personal or professional roles, and relationship status. 

Identity is never final or complete.  Rather, it is more typically fluid and continues to develop throughout the lifespan as we transition through various life stages and assume or shed various roles.  As such, identity concerns often arrise around major transitions, life changes, or new realizations about oneself and one's background.  Knowing one’s identity accurately and living in a manner that is consistent with your "true self" increases self-esteem and reduces depression and anxiety.  

Therapy focused on identity development involved identity exploration and clarification of one's "true self" and support around living in manner that aligns with this identity or identities.  

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