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Feeling discouraged?

Struggling to connect with others? 

Lacking purpose and direction?

Curious about yourself, your values, and the way you approach life?

Do you experience a lack of balance in life or frequently self-sabotage?

Adlerian Therapy would be a great fit for you!

Drs. Kristin and Thomas Lindquist both specialize in Adlerian therapy 

and lifestyle assessment.

Adlerian Therapy & Lifestyle Assessment

Adlerian psychotherapy is a combination of psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral and humanistic principles and maintains that mental health concerns are often largely related to a lack of feeling connected to others and feelings of insecurity/ discouragement.  It is a goal oriented approach that aims to help a client gain insight into their characteristics views of themselves and others and then take action to reorient themselves in a way that is socially engaged and connected to a sense of inherent value and worth.  

A respectful Socratic dialogue often forms a foundation for therapy sessions as clients are challenged to correct mistaken assumptions, attitudes, behaviors, and feelings about themselves and the world. Positive regards and encouragement are key aspects of therapy and allow for the client to attempt what might have previously seemed impossible.  Growth in confidence, inherent self-worth, and a deeper sense of connection to others are frequently experienced as clients replace exaggerated self-protection and self-indulgence.

Adlerian lifestyle assessment is a type psychological assessment focused on better understanding a client's personality, unconscious motivations, and goals.  The assessment process involved an investigation of early childhood experiences, birth order, family values and atmosphere, relationships with early caregivers, and early recollections.  A lifestyle assessment (either formally or informally) typically begins the process of Alderian psychotherapy and forms a basis for helping a client gain insight into their characteristic views and behaviors.  

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