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Treatment Approaches

At its core, Psychodynamic Therapy aims to foster psychological growth by developing greater awareness and access to the human experience, broadening self-knowledge and developing a greater sense of agency and purpose. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) focuses on identifying and re-framing your thoughts and thereby changing your behavior and mood. 

Interpersonal Therapy focuses on interpersonal issues, which are understood to be a central cause of psychological and emotional distress. This approach typically focuses on resolving symptoms by improving interpersonal relationships and broadening social support.

Solution Focused Therapy will help you to clarify goals and the explore solutions for achieving them. This is a strength-based approach that focuses on better understanding how to use your past success to address current problems.  

Adlerian psychotherapy is a goal oriented approach that aims to help a client gain insight into their characteristics views of themselves and others and then take action to reorient themselves in a way that is socially engaged and connected to a sense of inherent value and worth.

Art Therapy uses the creative process and art making as a primary means of intervention to foster insight and psychological growth.

Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy 

Individual psychotherapy services are tailored to meet your needs.  We specialize in anxiety, depression and mood disorders, relationships concerns, identity development, post-partum depression and adjustment, parenting, grief and loss, anger management, and mindfulness-based stress reduction.


Art Therapy 

We are both registered art therapists (ATR) and provide both individual art therapy as well as consultation and supervision.  We provide individual art therapy sessions focused on using the art and creative process to facilitate insight and growth.  We can also work with you to enhance your creative process and achieve you artistic goals.  

Psychological Testing

We are able to provide psychological testing and assessment on a limited basis.  We would be happy to discuss our current services or assist you with a referral.

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