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Struggling to find a path forward?

Find yourself repeatedly hitting wall with the same problems?

Do you have difficult decisions to make or feel alone in difficult circumstances?

Solution Focused Therapy would be a great fit for you!

Drs. Kristin and Thomas Lindquist both specialize in psychodymanic therapy.

Solution Focused Therapy

Solution focused therapy will help you to clarify goals and the explore solutions for achieving them.  This is a strength-based approach that focuses on better understanding how to use your past success to address current problems.  Therefore, questions such as, “Are there times when this has been less of a problem?” or “What did you (or others) do that was helpful?” often guide the process of therapy.  A focus on previous solutions and exceptions is often helpful as it guides a process of exploring possible solutions and action plans.  Lastly, this approach is often focused more on the present and future.  This reflects the basic belief that problems are best solved by focusing on what is already working, and how a client would like their life to be, rather than focusing on the past or on the various origins of problems.


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