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Overcoming Anxiety Self-statements

Use these statements to replace or alter your negative automatic thoughts or as motivation to change your relationship with anxiety.

Cognitive Distortions 

Use this list of common cognitive distortions or characteristic patterns of thinking to raise your awareness and gain a greater sense of control over your thoughts.

Self-monitoring for Anger

Use this form yourself or with your therapist to better understanding your anger triggers, thoughts, and appraisals.

Overcoming Fear: Walking with Anxiety

Use this step-by-step guide to better understand how to overcome your anxiety by changing your relationship to your anxiety.

Thought Record 

Use this thought record to take a closer look at the role of your automatic thoughts, typical reactions, and cognitive biases, and practice finding more rational or balancing thinking.

Resilience Tips

Use these tips to build your resilience.  Progress in any of the areas described can help you to "bounce back" from setbacks and further promote your well-being.

Wise Mind

Learn about cultivating "wise mind" and use this worksheet to break down your emotional and rational thought process to achieve greater balance.

Coping and Mental Health during the Pandemic: Acceptance & Self-Compassion

.Learn about common reactions and ways of coping to maintain your mental health and stay socially connected during this challenging time.  

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