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Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention in a non-judgement way to what is happening from moment to moment.  The practice involves an intentional effort to slow down and bring awareness to your thoughts, feeling, actions, and surroundings.  Mindfulness meditation is one way of practicing mindfulness and often involves focusing on your breath, while letting go of past thoughts and future worries.  Mindfulness can also be practiced at any point, by simply paying attention to your experience in the present moment.  "Everyday mindfulness" is useful as it cultivates a deeper sense of presence without having to reserve time for meditation.  Examples of everyday mindfulness might involve paying close attention to the sensations involved in brushing your teeth, taking a shower, eating, or walking. 


Research into the benefits of mindfulness continues to expand and there is vast support for mindfulness as a means of reducing stress and improving immune functioning, amongst other things.  Mindfulness is also an excellent adjunct to therapy and can be integrated into a number of approaches to strengthen coping skills and self-care.  It can also be highly effective when integrated with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to treatment anxiety and other mental health concerns.  

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