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How do I get the most out of my sessions?

The progress you make in therapy will depend on your active and regular involvement.  In addition to consistent attendance, it is important to think through the concerns your are addressing in therapy and complete homework or try out new behaviors and practices outside of the therapy hour.  It is also important to be as open and honest with your therapist as possible.  Likewise, it is helpful to let your therapist know if there are things you feel you need to talk about, but you are not ready to share.  Although we encourage openness, we also want you to feel a sense of control as you engage in the therapy process and as we build trust in our relationship.  Finally, it is important to share feedback with your therapist and let your therapist know if you feel therapy is not progressing as you expected or if you would like it to be different.  We strongly encourage our clients to provide such feedback as it is important for making progress.  If therapy continues to be less helpful, it may be best to assist you with a referral to another therapist and we would be happy to help you in this way. 

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